A Warm Scottish Greeting to All my Clients

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Thank you for visiting my new web site. I hope you will find the information contained in my web page, and the new blog, useful.

I have been a passionate dressmaker since I was a teenager. Now with over 25 years of personal experience in the garment alteration business, I am well placed to provide you with the benefit of that experience.

I opened for business in 2002 and throughout the period since then till 2019 I have a built a great, loyal clientèle from all over Scotland and much further afar.

On many occasions I have been asked to alter, change, modify or update garments for my customers and I have gained considerable experience in this field of work. We are all being encouraged to “recycle” instead of “throwing away” and I am now concentrating my work on changing garments either by a sizing alteration or by remodeling.

High Quality dress making, alterations, remodeling, restyling, made to measure and general repairs are my specialties, with Mother-of the-bride and grooms wear alterations also a staple.